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In response to the recent slanderous attacks by Victoria Keith, the president of the NTWO, icare ihelp is the only rescue that saves horses out of the kill lots and adopts them out completely FREE of charge.

Unfortunately, the desire to hide the steady stream of abandoned horses or horses sold as '' direct ship to slaughter'' from the Louisiana racing industry is the motive of their entire ''story''. I care I help does not simply save off the track Thoroughbreds, but rather ALL horses regardless of their breed or ''condition''. We bail out abused, starved horses that are not only lame but riddled with bacteria and often times life threatening infections as to bring them back to health for adoption. Victoria Keith and the NTWO have adopted a failed policy of intercepting horses on the backstretch and they are now accepting funds from the Louisiana Gaming Commission to stop the negative press and intercept. Well, sadly, the kill pens are still full and Victoria and her team have taken a ''turn a blind eye policy'' to the plight of any racehorse landing in a kill lot. They simply refuse to pull any thoroughbred racehorses out of the kill lot.

These horses some still wearing racing plates are often raced within the same month of us rescuing them. Icare Ihelp will continue to save horses that are in eminent danger of slaughter and will continue to post all tattoos and identities, despite the NTWO and others attempting to hide racing's ''dirty secrets''- hence ''their smear campaign''. The level of care that our horses receive is documented in the attached letter from our licensed veterinarian, Dr. Odom. Dr. Odom is the veterinarian who issues all of our health certificates and coggins and is personally involved with each and every horse we rescue.

Dr Odom is at the Parker facility in Louisiana several times a week , every week.

You may also contact:


Louisiana State Veterinarian, Dr. Amanda Norman 


Louisiana Brand Commission's Carnie Burcham at 318-453-9515


Both of these officials visited the Icare I help facility and will attest that all the horses are well cared for and are being fed and ''hay'd'' properly.


I care I help works on a visible platform where our donors see the horses in the kill lot and are made aware of the quantity of bail needed for the rescue. Together we raise the funds, while giving updates as we climb toward our goal via crowdfunding. We show the horses being shipped to our quarantine facility via both videos and pictures, while also identifying each by tattoo. Every step of each horse's journey is visible, while we never charge an adoption fee. Hence, zero profit for our organization. Simple and effective are our methods and we have saved over 105 horses from the kill lots merely since January, 2017 that would have been facing a horrific fate.

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