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Our rescues are pulled out of so called ''auctions'' (which in reality are kill lots and ''feed'' lots) every day of the week. As difficult as it is to see the emaciation, pain and helplessness in their eyes, please don't shut your eyes. This site is a journey in watching that pain , emaciation and helplessness go away. We update each rescue's progress as they find new life. We did not create this site to sadden or ''horrify'' anyone ; our intent is to show that through help and caring, we can all make a difference and smile with the renewed life of our rescues.




This is Eve just pulled from a kill lot in Louisiana on Nov 11, 2017

She is badly cut and bruised and is currently under veterinarian care.

Our Rescues



This is ''Executive Gems'' a 6 year old Off The Track Thoroughbred Mare who was found in an horrific North Carolina Feed lot yesterday, Nov 16, 2017. She is currently on antibiotics for a severe cough and nasal infection sustained at the lot




This is Snilloc Five, a Standardbred ex racer who made $68,000 for his owners. He was found emaciated and dehydrated just today November 18, 2017 on a kill buyers property heading to slaughter. Thank you donor Brandon Bates who generously donated $1000 to remove him from the property and get him to a safe farm

This is Garnet River A an Australian Harness racing sensation who earned $510,000 for his connections. He retired recently to pleasure riding but sadly we found him at 1 am in a kill lot in upstate Pennsylvania. Garnet's trainer, Noel Daley graciously helped us fund his journey to freedom which will begin in 2 days.

This is ''Mustang Sally'' who we found with just 15 minutes to spare before heading onto a slaughter truck across the border to Mexico. Sally just finished her 30 day Quarantine at our Hal Parker facility before finally shipping to her new FOREVER home in Mississippi

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