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Thoroughbred 8 - Rescued February 9 

Our 2 Mustangs - 8 Days at Equine Clinic to recover from Cold

IMG_5534 Mustangs
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Safe at Hal's. 

Thoroughbred 5 - Rescued February 7

Rescued from a horrific kill lot in Louisiana. Many are lame and very thin. Thanks to our horse angels, especially Claudia, Neal, John Montalbano, Michael Meadows and jockey Mike Smith. This makes it 27 Thoroughbreds rescued in just 3 weeks. 

TB Circumvent - His breeder stepped up and will rehome him to their beautiful farm. 

This little mare has no tattoos.

A little mare, extremely thin, bitten up and very lame.She has a tattoo so we hopefully find out who she is.,

This is a little mare with a very bad knee. Dr. Odom will check on her ... 

This mare still has her racing plates on. Lots of scratches and bites. .. 

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