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Ole Doc
Rescued on January 17. Last raced on January 3. Found in a kill pin marked as "direct ship". We also saved a grey mare, blind on one eye, now named "Checkers" who grew close to Ole Doc during their stay at the kill pen. 
A very pregnant QH and her 11 months old filly
Rescued on January 17: Mom, due in February and her filly were about to be shipped to slaughter when brought to Dina's attention. 
A Family of Paints
Rescued on January 4: 3 girls, one of them a 9 months old baby were offered for "meat prices per pound" by someone in Louisiana. They now have a forever home thanks to our wonderful donors. 
TB Pep Last Dream
Last raced on Dec 13, 2017. Rescued Dec 31 from a kill pen. Currently in quarantine.
Wings, Dina & Violet
Rescued Dec 31 from a Texas auction.
Sweet Doll 
Unidentified standardbred Mare - rescued together with Pep
Luna Girl
Rescued from kill pen in Oklahoma on Jan 1
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