The Louisiana Double Dozen

How the Impossible was Done

24 young thoroughbreds, all raced last week at Delta Downs in LA,  marked for direct shipment to slaughter in Mexico. 24 hours to raise $30,000 to cover bail, shipment and quarantine. An impossible undertaking. But, the Dina army came through. As those horses were marked direct shipment, we don't know their names, but we will find out and keep you posted who dumped those beautiful athletes to be slaughtered in a hush-hush operation. Special thanks to Michael Cannon, Steve Haskin, Acacia Courtney, Hogan Equine, Erik Johnson, Kaitlin Haughey and some many, many more. We can't thank you enough. 

Update March 15 - Identifying our DOUBLE DOZEN 23

The second horse is Lucky Pierre, a gelding born in 2014 who raced at Delta Downs on March 2nd. He is a grandson of Unbridled. Jockey: Sylvester Carmouche, III, Trainer: Garrett Gautreaux, Owner: Rox G. Pommier. Owner claims "I gave him to someone" which is the excuse Delta Downs is using to continue to permit murderers to race. Shame on them!

Little injured filly: Sadly, we are still tending to our second little filly who is approximately 2 or 3 years old. She is micro-chipped, but was never registered. No tattoo, so we can't identify her. She is now at Dr. Odom's vet clinic and we hope for a full recovery 

 Update March 14: With a very heavy heart we must report that one of our DOUBLE DOZEN 24 has sadly passed and left us today. Charlee's Maid's cause of death was a fractured vertebrae. Run free, little girl. The only peace we have is that she ate her hay, drank her water and went to sleep with dignity surrounded by Hal and his laving children. The same trainer was responsible for her and "Alecia's littleboy", a TB we recently rescued. Both dumped at a kill pen marked for direct shipment to slaughter. Disgusting!