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Dina Alborano has been a World class athlete her entire life. She has competed in over hundreds of National and International competitions in track and field, road running and snowshoe extreme competitions. Over 20 years ago, she purchased her first racehorse and at the same time, her family came to own a dual world record holder and 2.9 million dollar earner. It did not take long for Dina to realize that an over abundance of Racehorses (and all sport/pleasure horses) are never guaranteed a forever happy home. Situations, whether financial, mortality or sadly, negligence, all too often cause horses to land in a dangerous pipeline of auctions , feed lots and inevitably on slaughter trucks to Mexico. Its a fate that no animal should ever endure and YES, it exists on a weekly and daily basis.

In a quest for helping these majestic animals receive the life they deserve, Dina started pulling horses initially out of New Holland auction in Pennsylvania every Thursday. Her family and herself pulled 10 -15 each week - including cows, goats, pigs , bulls and sheep. Her family and herself have saved over 80 rescues. With limited space, Dina started icare-ihelp to continue to pull horses out every week from every auction in the Country. She networks with farms and facilities all over the USA to insure that every horse will never step on a slaughter truck and experience a pain and fear that is unfathomable and beyond torturous. Please help Dina in her quest and watch her weekly stories of renewed life, love and a step toward the hopeful end of this unnecessary torment. Every penny can make a difference. Join the fight today!  

Golden Heart Award

This award was presented to Dina Alborano, our founder, on August 1, 2017,  by the Humane Society of Louisiana in honor of Dina's tireless assistance to animals in distress. 

Key To The State Of Louisiana

This award was presented to Dina Alborano, our founder, on August 1, 2017, by the Humane Society of Louisiana in honor of her efforts in aiding all animals in the State of Louisiana

icareihelp is no longer actively  rescuing, as we are no longer accepting donations. This website is dedicated to the eight months in which we activlely saved over 100 horses in kill lots from slaughter and rehomed each and every one of them with no adoption fee. Thank you to everyone who has been part of our journey and our organization. 

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